Bach Mao Tea


Bach Mao Tea 100g pack.

Bach Mao Tea is a 1-bud White Tea line harvested from an ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree over 300 years old at an altitude of 1,300m, Suoi Suu – Tay Con Linh Ha Giang is a rare tea line of Vietnam. Tea is produced manually in combination with modern Taiwanese technology

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Elegant name for a special type of tea
Bach Mao Tra is truly a graceful young woman. She has a gentle, graceful, and elegant femininity like a full-moon girl who still has a lot of shyness. Femininity is something that everyone needs, even men, because a harmonious balance between yin and yang, between hard and soft, between strong and soft is what we all need.
It is the sweet, faintly floral scent of Bach Mao Tea that can make even awkward or dry meetings feel a little softer.

Drinking tea is an art. Using tea is not only for nutrition, but if you know how to use different types of tea with different properties, it will bring different uses to each meeting.
Bach Mao Tea has a light and cool fragrance. It seems that when mixed, there will be nothing special, but if black tea and green tea are vibrant concerts, then Bach Mao Tea is a gentle, heavenly piece of music. The taste is light, right from the first drinks we can feel the faint scent of cool flowers and grass. Her gentleness seems to be able to soothe and alleviate many sorrows


Rinse the kettle with boiling water before brewing
Put an amount of tea from 5 – 10g into a 150ml pot
Boil water and cool to 80 – 90 degrees.
Steep the tea for 30 seconds – 1.5 minutes depending on your preference for strong or light tea.
Pour out all the tea in the pot. Steam the tea in the pot, let it rest for 1-2 minutes, then continue adding water.
1 kettle can make 8-10 times the amount of water


Add 10gr of White Mao Tea to 500ml of pure water
Place in the refrigerator after 8 hours or 2 hours at normal temperature. You will have 500ml of delicious tea
Cold brewing helps release all the nutrients in the tea, the scent of mountain flowers, and the sweet aftertaste


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