Luc Tea


Green Tea package 100gr.

Luc Tra is a premium green tea line harvested from a hundred-year-old ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree at an altitude of 1,300m. Suoi Suu – Tay Con Linh Ha Giang is a rare tea line in Vietnam.



100% whole 1 bud 1 leaf from ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree Tay Con Linh Ha Giang. Manufactured by hand combined with modern Taiwanese technology.

Flavor: New rice scent. Sweet honey taste. Water color in shimmering honey yellow light.

Storage: Dry place, avoid direct light

How to brew hot:

* Avoid cleaning the kettle with boiling water before brewing.
* Put an amount of tea from 5-10g into a 150ml pot
* Boil water and cool to 80-90 degrees. Steep the tea for 1-3 minutes depending on your preference for strong or light tea.
* Pour out all the tea in the pot. Steam the tea in the pot, let it rest for 1-2 minutes, then continue adding water. 1 kettle can make 8-10 times the amount of water.

How to cold brew:
Add 5-10gr of Bashtea Green Tea to 500ml of pure water. Place in the refrigerator after 8 hours (or 2 hours at normal temperature). You will have 500ml of delicious tea. Cold brewing helps all the nutrients in the tea to be released, the tea has a sweet, grassy aroma, and a sweet aftertaste.


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