Bach Hong Shan Tea


Black tea – Bach Hong Shan is harvested from one bud and one leaf of an ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree over 300 years old in Suoi Suu – Tay Con Linh Ha Giang, at an altitude of 1,300m above sea level. Manufactured by hand combined with modern Taiwanese technology.


Ripe fruit scent, honey sweetness. The aftertaste is durable, the water color is red, clear and sparkling.

100gr package.



Uses: Black tea is a type of herbal medicine that has good health benefits. Drinking tea regularly helps relax the mind and reduce fatigue. Supports digestion and strengthens the immune system. Kills bacteria, prevents tooth decay, provides anti-aging vitamins, beautifies the skin, nourishes and protects the stomach. Burn excess fat to help lose weight and prevent cancer (antioxidant EGCG) *No insomnia.

Instructions for mixing:
* Avoid cleaning the kettle with boiling water before brewing.
* Put an amount of tea from 6-10g into a 150ml pot
* Boil water and cool to 80-90 degrees. Steep the tea for 1-3 minutes depending on your preference for strong or light tea.
* Pour out all the tea in the pot. Steam the tea in the pot, let it rest for 1-2 minutes, then continue adding water. 1 kettle can make 8-10 times the amount of water.

How to cold brew:

Add 5 – 10gr of Black Tea – Bach Hong Shan into 500ml of pure water
Place in the refrigerator after 8 hours or 2 hours at normal temperature. You will have 500ml of delicious tea
Cold brewing helps all the nutrients in the tea to be released, the tea has a sweet, grassy aroma, and a sweet aftertaste


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