Dai Hong Pao is a precious and rare tea from #Bashtea, produced only once a year during the cold winter season (11/2021). The tea is carefully processed and fermented with dried leaves, and smoked with the wood of the green oak tree to enhance its aroma.

✅ Made from the plain-looking leaves of the largest tea trees hidden deep in the old forests shrouded in year-round mist on Mount Lao Son at an altitude of 1,509m in the Western Con Lĩnh Range in Ha Giang, this tea captures the essence of the rare tea of the mountains.

✅ Savoring a pot of Dai Hong Pao tea, with its natural caramel aroma, warm and sweet taste, and light coolness, is an experience that those who seek a tranquil life should try, to feel the essence of heaven and earth in a small cup of tea.