Puerh Tea (1 bud 2 leaves)



As medicinal tea, also known as the king of teas, like ginseng, the older the tea tree is, the more nutrients it has.

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Ingredients: Produced from ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees over 300 years old, in the high mountains of Tay Con Linh Ha Giang

Harvesting: From 6am to 9am, processing before 12pm.

Tea products are selected from ancient tea trees in deep forests, growing well, thick tea snow, and fragrant tea aroma. The tea’s taste is mild and fragrant with fruit, the aftertaste is sweet, lingering, smooth like wild honey, the tea blends well, the flavor is stable and durable. The tea flavor makes the throat soft, fragrant and lasts a long time in the breath.

The ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree is over 300 years old, growing naturally on high mountains in old forests. Tea is strong because the tea tree absorbs the essence of heaven and earth for hundreds of years. So when you drink Tea, you will absorb the essence, relax and feel full in the body and mind, prevent cardiovascular disease, reduce blood fat, prevent cancer and fight aging.

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Trà Bánh

Sản xuất 2019 357gr, Bánh 157gr


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